This is a tutorial walk through for Magento Import/Export Dataflow Profiles. You will be able to use this tutorial to import and export a multiple of products and/or customers from you Magento Admin Panel. Its not as frightening as most would think. FYI, this will write over the products that are already created in your Magento store.

I do recommend that you back up your database and/or export your products already installed so you don’t rewrite any product information you wanted to keep.

Things you will need:

  1. Magento installed on your domain
  2. Create and ready CSV or XML to import
  3. Access to the admin panel

Step 1: Go to your admin panel and select the System in the menu. Then navigate to the Import/Export > Dataflow-Profiles. Here you will find a few pre-made dataflows that come with the Magento installation.

Import/Export Dataflow profile

Step 2: You are now looking at the pre-made dataflow that are installed with the Magento Install. You can import/export Customers, Products, and even export Product Stocks. For this tutorial we are selecting the “Import All Products” from this menu.


A few pre-made import & export profiles in Dataflow Profile

Step 3: You will need to upload your .csv or .xml file that you want to import


Upload file via Dataflow Profile



Step 4: Now that you have the File uploaded you now will need to select the tab “Run Profile” You will see a drop down and a button on this page. Now you will need to select your file that you previously uploaded. You will notice there are a series of numbers in front of the names of the files. These are a series of numbers that relate the time stamp the file was uploaded through the admin panel. This will prevent the system from causing an error with previous uploaded files and just creates a new one.



Step 5 Click the Run Profile in Popup and let the magento Dataflow go to work.


Run profile in popup to import products

Please feel free to comment with any questions or comments on this.