Articles are written for different purposes with different formats and on diverse channels. The purposes for writing articles can be many but here we are focusing on articles which are used for promoting certain cause, product or philosophy. The rewards for writing such articles are equal or sometimes outnumber those which are attained by employing other marketing strategies. While writing quality search engine optimized articles one should be aware of the approach that should be followed to make the article a success story. To follow is a collection of tips which help in writing SEO friendly articles.

Search Engine Optimization

Suitable Keywords

Before you even start to think about the contents of the articles give a very serious thought to the most suitable keywords available and select at least 2 or 3 of them. The keywords should be in coherence with the theme of the article to be written.

Selecting the Keyword

When you have thought about the keyword, search it on a keyword site. There are a number of keyword sites which help you in evaluating the beneficial keyword. A simple criterion for keyword search involves the number of times it is searched and the number of websites using it. Now here is the explanation to find the most suitable one.

The simpler or common a word is, the more likely is that it has been used by other websites. Type the desired word in inverted commas in Google search box. You will get to know the number of results, which is the required number. The lower this figure is the better a candidate it is. But here is another twist. One doesn’t need to only search for the word which suffers less competition; the need to find out the words which have been searched more often is also critical.

Therefore there are two parameters to look for in a keyword; to look for those words which experience lesser competition and have frequently been searched. The larger the first and the smaller the second the more suitable is the keyword.

Article Length

A good article has at least three main components. The articles shouldn’t be too long or small. At least a length of 350 words seems to fill up the web page. Lengths more than 700 words make the reader toil. Always write meaningful and short sentences. The article should be filtered of grammatical error.

Keyword Density

Writing keyword in the title counts a lot. After that, avoid using keywords in introductory paragraphs. Try to use the selected keyword in the lower half of your article. The keyword density should be no more than 3 to 4% of the total words you have written. Make your selected keyword bold and under lined to attract attention.

Picture Usage

By using suitable pictures in the articles one can add value to the contents and quality of the article. A good illustration can speak many things which certain writing can not. However one should always bear the copyright issues in mind.

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