Recently I was in need for SMTP plugin to configure on my sites as my server admin decided to off php mail() function and advice to use SMTP method instead. I found there are some good plugins to use. Here I am listing 5 top free SMTP mail plugins, so you can quit searching and use any one of this without any doubt. 🙂

1. Easy WP SMTP

Easy WP SMTP allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails via a SMTP server. This will prevent your emails from going into the junk/spam folder of the recipients.

easy wp smtp

2. Easy SMTP Mail

Easy SMTP Mail can help you to send emails via SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function. This plugin reconfigure’s the wp_mail() function to send SMTP Mails. The Practical use of this plugins comes when theme have a contact page, which on submit, shows you the successful message, but, still admin did not receive any email, here comes this smtp plugin which will makes your contact form workable.

There are many settings that are easy to implement within it. From the general settings, you can add a “from email address” and a “from name”. This sets the email address through which you send mails, and your name can be displayed as per your settings in the recipient’s inbox.

You can also select your SMTP host, SMTP port and set SMTP authentication, with a view to further strengthening your security by adding username and password.

easy smtp mail

3. SAR Friendly SMTP

With this plugin, you can send emails through SMTP instead of PHP mail() function. You can add the settings page to your dashboard in order to configure and modify your settings. This plugin is very easy to use and install, offering very simple configuration options used for security. You can activate it simply from the “Plugins” menu in WordPress admin panel after the successful downloading and installation.

You can set “from name” & “form email” field optionally. Note: if smtp server/hostname field is left blank, then your wp_mail() function cannot be reconfigured.

In one word, this is a very nice plugin that caters all your security needs with the utmost efficiency in a very simple way.



WP SMTP can help you to send emails via SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function. It adds a settings page in your dashboard where you can configure the email settings.

The examples given on the settings page are of great help, with which you can utilize them by clicking the corresponding icon to view. You can even set “from” field and SMTP host. However, if this field is left blank, then your wp_mail() function cannot be reconfigured.

wp smtp

5. WP Mail Bank

WP Mail Bank – PHPMailer & SMTP Mailer is a plugin that reconfigure the PHPMailer and has advanced smtp settings options and making more enhanced.

This WordPress plugin lets you customize the email details that appear on emails sent from WordPress. With this plugin you can configure your SMTP email to use instead php mail(). You can customize both (from email & from name) fields with this plugin so your users are not confused. You can also set return-path email field.

wp mail bank

In my opinion above 5 plugins are best for SMTP mail for wordpress. What is your opinion?

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Note: If you are selecting “Other”, please leave a comment with plugin name and why do you think this is the best.