Since the Google Penguin update of 2012, Social Media has taken a dramatic turn in becoming a major part of SEO in recent years, and continues to push forward in helping business awareness the Internet.

You Should be Focusing on Facebook

Every business should have a Facebook profile and if you haven’t, well, you are missing out and we are about to tell you why.

Facebook is used by millions of people worldwide and offers business the chance to showcase their products and services. Having a completed profile page, great graphics and a link pointing back to your site is a fundamental part of having a Facebook page.

It also helps you take your customer service to another level, offering customers the chance to contact you here and get instant responses. Think of Facebook as a hub for customers, engagement and promotion.

If you have budget behind you, you can’t go too wrong with Facebook Ads either which provides a backbone for you to reach out of your own audience into a granular level of demographics.

The more likes, the more engagement, the more chances of sales it’s as simple as that.

Don’t Forget Twitter

The second social platform that boasts millions of users is Twitter; the difference with Twitter is that it’s not behind a close privacy wall. Whatever you tweet can be accessed by millions of different people; the only catch is that you have a limited number of characters to get that message out.

If you decide to create a Twitter profile for your business which we would strongly advise, then look at the use of hashtags which can be a powerful addition to any Twitter campaign, especially trending hashtags that relate to your brand.

Again, Twitter comes with their own ad management centre where you can promote brand messages.

Other Social Profiles

In addition to those big profiles it’s also worth setting up Google+ profile pages, and if it applies to your business Instagram and Pinterest for graphically driven industries that can really make an impact with visuals.

With Google+ you can also tie your address up with Google Local which will allow people to locate you via Google Maps, leave reviews and generally engage with your brand through comments, +1’s and shares. You will also get some prominence in search results for your brand name on the right hand-side and under your main search result listing.

Content is Forever King

What we all must remember is that content is king, and it comes down to the kind if content you are creating. If you are rewriting articles that have been rewritten time and time again you aren’t adding any kind of value. Instead, think outside the box, think about creating unique infographics that are easy to share, or think about collecting your own stats from independent polls or sales result patterns. These kinds of ideas will offer a platform to write something that no one else has ever done.

Editors Note: Sunny Popali is an SEO Strategist by profession and an editor at Good Monster where he helps people boost their business/websites in digital world.