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How to Ensure Your WordPress Site Is Properly Secured

I would like to thank areuconnected.com for allowing this guest post on WordPress security. I’ve found to be an excellent source for information on web development, such as this article, Reasons Why WordPress Sites Are Better Than Traditional Sites. WordPress is quickly taking over the internet as one of the most used and trusted content […]

5 Reasons Small Business Owners Need to Pick Up a Tablet

You find yourself on the road more often than not for your small business, securing new contracts, networking at trade shows, and scouting out new product lines. You stuck with your laptop for mobile computing for some time, but you see more tablets popping up around you. Pew Research reports that 34 percent of adults […]

5 Clever Tips For Using Anchor Text Successfully

Internal and external linking is an important part of effective SEO. It also means that you need to master the art of using anchor text for your advantage. The importance of correct anchor text use is constantly increasing and it is time to start looking closely at the way you use anchor texts on your […]

Writing a Proper SEO Article for Your Business

Many people with only a basic standing of SEO need more information about how SEO can best be used, when articles are being written. The best methods are not taught in courses online, and they aren’t pulled from downloaded Internet manuals. The best teacher is experience, as a writer and in the SEO business. How […]

What Will Happen To SEO In 2014?

Google has announced through many of its updates directly and indirectly that search engine optimization will take a shift towards something else in 2014. While a few of the elements that described the SEO scene in 2013 and before will still be valid in 2014, there are going to be some changes that will have […]