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Branding 101 for the Modern Day

When a business wants to make a profit, they need to understand that they have to go beyond simply buying and selling their specific product/service. Even if you believe that have created a niche product/service all you need to do is just go on the Internet and search for that same niche product/service and just […]

New Trends in Digital Marketing

In recent times there has been a huge change in the way people market their products and services. Previously a lot of time and money was poured into achieving visibility with the help of marketing methods such as cold-calling the customers and putting up advertisement in the newspaper, television, etc. However, these methods always posed […]

How to Perfect Your Product Shots

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this old adage certainly appears to be true — at least from a business perspective. In many ways, the right picture of your product or service in action can be just as valuable to your sales as a blog post, white paper, or similar […]

Top 5 best wordpress SMTP plugin for your website

Recently I was in need for SMTP plugin to configure on my sites as my server admin decided to off php mail() function and advice to use SMTP method instead. I found there are some good plugins to use. Here I am listing 5 top free SMTP mail plugins, so you can quit searching and use […]

How To: Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress sites via .htaccess

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text animation=”no_animation”] What is browser caching? Every time a browser loads a webpage it has to download all the web files to properly display the page. This includes all the HTML, CSS, javascript and images. The point of using browser caching and expiry headers is to shrink the number of HTTP requests, which improves the performance […]

Need To Follow Expert Guidelines To Build Irresistible Website

In today’s online world, everyday more than 100 million web pages are emerged, it sounds really cool for readers, but scary for the site owners. Today, obtaining consistent traffic and optimum sales figure is an imperative task. That’s why, SEO (search engine optimization) to target niche audience and increasing page-views are essential to stay ahead […]


Change and Update WordPress URLS in Phpmyadmin

Migrating a WordPress site to new url or domain, live or to a production/development server, new URL strings in the mySql database need to be changed and updated in various database tables. This method is work when you like to move whole mysql database via phpmyadmin instead export/import all within wordpress admin. So you would […]

The King of Social Video: Vine or Instagram?

Mobile video accounts for more than half of all wireless traffic in the U.S. That’s the latest from the Cisco Visual Networking Index, and it says video captures a larger slice of the pie each year. There isn’t a social network that doesn’t have its hand in mobile video in some way. Facebook paid a […]