Conversion optimisation is an important tool in online marketing to convert the percentage of visitors of the website into customers. It is also referred to as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

Why is CRO important?

  • To make web pages relevant to potential customers
  • Improves in call to action to push the customer to become your next customer
  • On page elements win the trust of customers

Are you connected helps your small traffic convert into sales and provide you with substantial increase in the percentage of visitors to your website that become your clients or customers forever.

How do we work?

  • We determine the type of traffic coming to your each landing page. Your product or service must have specific landing pages to ensure the customers get what they are looking for on your website easily and ultimately buys the product or service.
  • We ensure that each landing page of your website consists of clear messages that match the web search to be able to lead the visitor reach the page in the first place. We also provide you with a supporting copy to add any declaration.
  • Unnecessary requests from users are eliminated by reforming the process to make the user either request for your services or buy the product.
  • All the visual distractions on the page are reduced to help your site’s visitor convert in the next customer.
  • Calls to Action are reduced to ensure they match the intent of the visitor.
  • We also look for maximum number of clicks by a user and where all is he clicking to ensure improvement of features for maximum usability.

How are we different from others?

We strive to offer our customers campaign goals that are easily tracked and provide them with a real return on their investment in our services.  We understand the online business and with our conversion rate optimisation services, we thrive to increase the sales of customers by the strategies implemented by us because we value our customers, their time and money.