Email Marketing is an efficient and a fast way of building customer relationships and getting customers for your product or service. In Email Marketing, a customised email as per your needs and preferences is sent to a database to potential customers. This enables the customers to know more about your products and services, further letting them to click the link included in the email and reach your website to buy the product.

What are the techniques?

Emails may be sent to unknown persons or to a known list of subscribers. The first option must be used carefully, because there are laws against unsolicited mails or spam. The second option is also called ‘permission marketing’, and requires a person to ‘opt -in’ to the list. This is done through a subscribing form on the parent website or blog. Usually a freebie is included to entice the visitor to leave his name and email in the form. It could also be a call to subscribe to a newsletter. In this case, the website must have useful content that is updated regularly – hence the newsletter option to inform the subscriber of new content.

Unless the site itself is worth returning to or bookmarking, the visitor cannot be expected to subscribe. Else, the freebie that is included, usually in the form of an ebook, must provide value to the subscriber. This is important because all emails must have the ‘unsubscribe’ option included so that the subscriber may have the choice to opt out of the list. If the freebie were worthless, it is very likely that following emails would not be appreciated.

Email marketing is one of the powerful and cost effective promotional techniques to promote an online business, get customers, maximise viewership, and build customers relationships.

With creative content creation and appropriate strategies, you are sure to have a huge customer database.

We provide you with a perfect email marketing campaign that leads to long term relationships with your prospective and existing customers.  Get the most of this cost effective marketing tool and see the desired results in a short span of time!

What do we Offer?

  • Affordable Email Marketing Services
  • Manage Email Database
  • Creation of Email Newsletters
  • Reports on open emails and bounce back emails
  • Unsubscribe Option