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When it comes to building brands, people need to make the best possible use of the medium that they have chosen to build their brands. It is the medium that people use the most that ends up becoming the most vital component of establishing the success of any brand. After all, the medium that most people use is the one which they depend on for information and knowledge.

Popular Mediums of Communication

In this era, virtually every single person who has access to the Internet, whether it be through their smartphones or even computers has an email account, and most of these people also have a social media network account. According to a survey done by the Pew Research Center, as of September 2014, 71% of adults who are active online have a Facebook account, and this number has grown even more in the past year.

On August 27th, 2015, one billion people used Facebook within a span of 24 hours. This means that in one day you could easily have one billion people being exposed to your brand using only one medium of communication.

How Social Media Can Be Used Effectively

The first thing which you must know about using social media as a method to create brand loyalty is the fact that you shouldn’t focus on just promoting the product or service.

Since most people inherently use social media to communicate with friends and family, they can used to increase the value of the product by using content smartly.

Content which is substantial and informative and tells the audience about the product/service helps to spark the interest of interested buyers. Once the audience embraces the content, they create brand loyalty. Content need not be just be blogs and articles, it can be videos and photos as well. One of the more well-known cases of such success being created by social media is that of singer Justin Bieber, who went from uploading videos of himself on YouTube in 2007 to earning $55 million in 2013.

One of the most important things which budding entrepreneurs need to understand about creating brand loyalty is to understand the customer base on the Internet. Millennials or Gen Y, comprise of a huge number of the total number of users on the Internet, and they are more liable than the previous generation to use a brand once they are satisfied with their initial purchase.

Another important point that social media establishes is the fact that the brand is made by real people. Since many of the owners/employees of a brand are also members of social media networks, it helps the customer base to feel like as if they are getting their services from people just like them instead of a faceless corporation.

So as you can see, social media is a great way to establish brand loyalty. If used smartly, it can ensure great profits without needing expensive investments. If you too have some thoughts and ideas on how social can be used you can share them in the comments below!

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