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3 Compelling Reasons Why Having A Company Website For A Small Business Is A Necessity

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As a small business owner you may well be under the impression that owning your own website is simply not worth the cost and effort in terms of maintenance and running. However if you speak to a Miami web design company for instance, they’ll suggest that because you’re a small business, this is exactly why you should have a website. Here’s why? Convenience: Regardless of how local you may think your business is, there’s a pretty good chance that someone somewhere in the world wants exactly what you have to […]



Nov, 2013

Your Online Reputation: What Are Customers Saying About Your Small Business?

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It’s been four years, but few people have forgotten the Dominos debacle of 2009, in which a prank video about unsanitary food preparation in a Dominos kitchen went viral. Despite significant resources to deal with the situation immediately, the company took 48 hours to respond, and they still haven’t completely lived down the bad press. Hopefully they have learned from the experience, and if there is a next time, they will maintain a stronger online presence and provide a quicker response time. A positive online presence is crucial to any […]