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Sep, 2011

Insert custom content after single post

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For a client’s blog website I need to add a para automatically after each single post, found a snippet from Jeff Starr using a WordPress hook. Here’s how to do. add_filter('the_content', 'add_post_content') function add_post_content($content) { if(!is_single()) { $content .= '<p>YOUR CONTENT GOES HERE'</p>'; } return $content; } If you enjoyed and find helpful this article, please consider sharing it.



Aug, 2011

How to Add an Additional Wrap on Genesis Child Theme

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So, since Genesis 1.6, and probably my favorite part of Genesis 1.6 is the theme support of genesis-structural-wraps. So now you can easily add wraps to the header, nav, subnav, inner, footer-widgets, and footer. If you’ve ever looked at the Visual Markup Guide for the Genesis Framework, you may have noticed that all of the main sections contain a div that wraps around the inner markup except the the ‘inner’ section. Have a look at this: #header > .wrap #nav > .wrap #subnav > .wrap #inner > .wrap, this is what we will be adding […]



Jun, 2011

Quick Tips of Genesis Framework

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There’s a lot of small code snippets I use often. This is where I’ll collect them. If you have any quick tips, feel free to share in the comments. Force a page layout This is very useful for ensuring custom pages you build for a client aren’t broken by them changing the page layout (ex: home page). Or, changing the page layout to something other than the default on archive pages (ex: category). The example below is to set the category page to Sidebar-Content-Sidebar. // Force layout on category add_filter(‘genesis_pre_get_option_site_layout’, […]