In today’s online world, everyday more than 100 million web pages are emerged, it sounds really cool for readers, but scary for the site owners. Today, obtaining consistent traffic and optimum sales figure is an imperative task. That’s why, SEO (search engine optimization) to target niche audience and increasing page-views are essential to stay ahead over the web. There are basically two ways to earn revenues on the Internet: “Advertisement” and “Selling” something.

One of the biggest challenges that website owners face these days, is to stay updated in the ocean of relevant consistent as well as latest information related to your business. Always focus on making an irresistible site, so that the reader feels guilty for “why not he bookmarks your page”. Let’s take a look at what you have missed on your website that can bespoke your site and your business as a brand name and what you need to do to improve your visibility over web.

Unique & Quality Content

Quality content is the most critical benchmark for a good website. We can say that content is a “King” of the website and it must be informative & educational to provide all the relevant information, which reader is looking for.

Let’s suppose, I am looking for information about drawing tutorials, then I want something eye-catching and interesting information. If I stumble upon “How to draw web theme” tutorial page, then I will expect that website is filled with more useful techniques and tutorials, which I want. If not, then I’ll simply leave that page without having a second thought.


In content management, prefer the shotgun approach rather than a sniper approach. Losing readers directly impacts on the optimum outcome of business as well as reputation. Unless having a huge team of writer, more useful is to have an expert, who offers quality content with originality.

Thanks to Google and its algorithms, readers always have choices to seek a lot of informative content. Thus, it is your duty to write proper content and provide all the essential information to your readers.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website comes at the 10th page of Google’s search results, then who will find your site, no one.


“Search Engine Optimization” is very demanding technology that can break the path of your website’s last page and help in making visibility high. It is the proven technology that interlinked with content and increase the number of audience through various links. SEO also helps in promoting products and services. Through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & more, millions of people are connected these days and SEO targets prospective audience through the keywords. You need to just ensure that your site has links with other sites, which is called “deep-links” or “backlinks”.      

Try to make friendship with blogging sites and post your guest blogs to enhance the online presence. Some other techniques like pay per click and paid advertisement can also help your organization to improve your website’s search ranking or traffic. And, Google picks up these things very fast, so implement them in your business to draw maximum ROI.


I have visited many sites and observe that few sites take more than 30 seconds to load. Unless waiting for some time, I leave right away such types of sites. That sounds harsh, but it is the fact.

Now, developers has been trained to have web pages, which load instantly. Check and see how pretty fast it loads, Google takes hardly 1.8 seconds. However, Google is the most visited website in the entire world, yet it’s speed is really fast than other sites. Therefore, focus on making your own website as much fast as possible.

speed It is an easy process, you need to just “compress” and “cache” your web content, which enables page to load quickly.

Navigations and Visual Appearance


Having ugly website is no excuse. There is no need to pay thousands of dollars, if you have technical skills. Download various easy to use free or premium templates and make your website’s look decent and professional. Keep in mind that the aim must be simple and straight to the point.

I hope, these tips will help you in building irresistible website design.

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Garry Smith is a professional website designer & blogger and associated with CSSChopper. He spent his most of the time in designing creative and innovative sites, additionally writing blogs related to web designing to provide easy and interactive tips.

As a small business owner you may well be under the impression that owning your own website is simply not worth the cost and effort in terms of maintenance and running. However if you speak to a Miami web design company for instance, they’ll suggest that because you’re a small business, this is exactly why you should have a website. Here’s why?


Regardless of how local you may think your business is, there’s a pretty good chance that someone somewhere in the world wants exactly what you have to offer. These being the case then why not give it to them? By having a company website they can access your products or services from the comfort of their own home and what’s more important, they can access it 24/7. In addition to this, it allows your existing customers to access your business out of working hours offering a more convenient service. 

Small Business

Your customers expect!

In the 21st century customers are far more shopper savvy. Here’s a case in point! In a recent survey carried out by Google in conjunction with research group Shopper Sciences, it was found that as many as 88% of consumers carried out some form of online research before they bought a product. Not only this, it was found that each consumer consulted an average of 10.4 sources in order to compare prices and find the best deal, before even contemplating parting with their cash. In essence, customers expect a business, no matter how small, to have a virtual presence. Any that don’t are really missing out big time.

Puts you on the map:

The great thing about the internet revolution is that it allows small businesses to compete directly with large organizations on a level playing field. This is something they never could have done before. By employing cost effective strategies in conjunction with practices such as social networking or search engine optimization Miami, New Jersey, and Chicago based companies for example, can help to get your business noticed and effectively put you on the map.

Some small businesses are clearly happy just ticking along and aren’t necessarily looking to expand and for those people then it’s fair to say that a website probably isn’t going to help. However for those who are really looking to grow their business, build a solid customer-focused relationship and grow sales, then it really should be a priority.

Finally here’s another statistic to finish – in 2012 according to a survey carried out by Ado-logy 46% of small businesses who say they want to be more successful don’t have a website! Do you want to be part of this statistic?

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John Mathew manages content for Miami Web Design, a website designing and development company. He loves to share ideas for building a more profitable website by writing on e-commerce and web designing. He also writes on the latest needs for designing a website.

Choosing a particular design style for your site depends on various factors. Client preferences, color schemes used, target demographic and brand identity all plays an equal role. The overall development of a site relies on a combination of these factors. You can never choose a particular style as a combination of all these styles can also be quite effective.

To boost your creativity, follow these ten creative methods and enhance your website design.

 Illustrations and cartoons

Pictures that are bright and colorful add style and beauty to a site. Bright colors with sculptured images are catchy for any visitor’s eye. Drawing is a creative activity that soothes the brain so illustrations that are good to look will make a visitor happy. It all depends on the imagination and skill of the designer. He/she can use different options such as infographics, graphics, pictures, cartoons, charts, etc.


Pictures can be easily understood as it has a touch of realism to it and there is no abstract to it. A photo is like a mirror that showcases real life and thereby it can capture the heart of the visitor right away. You can use this as a key element and play it against other backdrop designs. Even though realism is a good thing, it may often distract visitors from where they actually want to go. This is the one thing that you must consider during website design as balancing is the key factor that must not be ignored. Your site may be colorful to look, but a boring content on a white background is still considered a poor design. So you must understand the different design elements and how they affect the users.

Two Tone

You might have heard about the term ‘Less is more’ and to understand this concept just imagine the strength of a black and white picture. It is a known fact that you must focus on the subject and not on the color. By using just two base colors, you can design something bold and dramatic that will capture the hearts of the user just by its simplicity. This will give you time to concentrate on other things such as typography and layout. It is not advisable to use two tone illustrations with any other different design styles. In general, two tone designs should not be mixed with any other design as it has a unique quality to it.


Transparency decides the proportion of the text to the image and how each should appear in the page. Through this feature you can blend in both images and text allowing users to enjoy reading and viewing the images simultaneously. 

Advanced Typography

Selecting the apt typography can enhance the readability of your website. But a common form of well designed writing is an essential tool by itself. Design itself can be used as an important part of your site that attracts visitors.

Pattern and Texture

Different patterns or textures can evoke various emotions and feelings. A sandy pattern will trigger the thought of a vacation in the minds of the visitor. Tweed can evoke feelings of relaxation and comfort. Apart from this, various textures can add beauty and style to your designs.


This particular design may look a bit messy and disorganized, but it will blend well with other designs and brands. Current trends favor simple and clean design, but Grunge still has a style of its own.


Nature elements create a homely or outdoor atmosphere. This design can be used to promote a site that deals with eco-friendly or organic products. Nature is a favorite design for many as they blend well with any other design. It may sound a bit irrelevant, but in certain cases, the design might even help reduce bounce rates. A site that has beautiful pictures of nature will keep the visitor engaged for a long time.


This creative art form enables users to create anything virtually with unlimited options. The interpretation of the design may vary according to the interests of a visitor or in certain cases have no meaning. It may look like a very pleasing image with different colors and forms. Using this freedom, one can create something visually pleasing, stunning and stylish.


This style uses art forms of the good old days creating a feeling of nostalgia in the minds of the users. This particular style can be used to trigger emotions and memories of the visitor’s past. The styles that were used in 1920s to the 70s are used in this type of retro art. The concoction of the past styles and the modern designs can create a wonderful site that will capture the imagination of the user.

These are some of the styles that can help a user express his creativity. Using these ideas and other styles will help enhance your website effectively.

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Ramya Raju a freelance web design writer with 8 yrs of extensive blogging experience on a variety of online publishing and social-media platforms. He generally write high-quality articles on travel, photography, SEO, Web design, English courses, and generic topics too. He is also an extrovert with a passion for photography, anthropology and travelling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants. Ramya Raju’s website

The internet has come a long way from the bizarre color schemes and intrusive flash ads of the late 90s. While a large portion of the web might still be playing catch up stylistically, the internet is generally trending towards simple designs, softer colors and a content-focused system that makes it easier for people to enjoy the aspects of a site that they’re actually there to see.

This has some significant implications for all aspects of front-end web design, but particularly for the way we present the text on our pages.

Despite the significant impact that images and video have on a site and despite the average internet user’s short attention span, the web is still run by text and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Text-based content, particularly in the blogging arena is still the most useful and relevant way to provide information on the internet.

Today’s most successful websites have gotten to be popular, primarily because of the text-based content they provide.

While images and videos have their place, they’re not replacing the written word.
In consideration we should be carefully assessing how the current web trends are impacting the kind of text we use and the style in which we present it.

Here are the primary things to keep in mind:

1. Minimalism

If you could describe current web design trends in one word, this would be the word to use. Modern design demands a minimalist approach with a lot of soft colors (more on that later) and a lot of open space. Navigation needs to be easy and helping people find what they’re looking for should be top priority.


This means that text should likewise be minimal. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean small, but it does mean you should choose a solid, straightforward font – possibly from Google fonts, that’s easy to read and easy on the eyes.

2. Soft Colors and Contrast

To achieve a minimal design the color schemes have settled down dramatically in recent years. Lots of white and softer dark shades are usually the way to go. This makes for easier navigation and better readability.


At a basic level, text should always be black, unless you want to mix it up for bolded or heading text. Even then, stick with the more conservative choices.

At the same time, it can help to soften the look of your text by going with a lighter shade of black or charcoal gray.

3. The Focus of Text-Based Content

Websites as a whole are becoming more focused on properly displaying their content and making that content the centerpiece of their site. With the internet being a primarily text-driven system, this should have a say in the entire design of your site, particularly as it relates to where you direct the eyes of your readers.


Any block or div that houses text on your page (particularly the main body of content) should be the primary focal point and should be housed in subtle borders and almost always a white background. In some cases, it’s ok to use a subtle off-white background, but usually not for the main body of content or the “reading pane.”

4. Short Paragraphs

In order to deal with the short attention spans of the typical internet user, text is more often being presented in short one to three sentence paragraphs. This is more a writing style issue than a design issue, but it does have some implications for design, particularly as it relates to spacing and the margins between paragraphs.


It’s ok to just use one space between paragraphs since they’ll occur more often in this scenario. It’s also good to use bold and italics to highlight certain paragraphs or sentences that you might want to bring to the attention of the reader.

5. Larger Fonts

While this isn’t a universal ideal, a lot of websites are moving to a larger font to increase readability and make their page pop a little more. One of the better examples of this would be Copyblogger as they use a larger font for both their title and body text.


Larger fonts aren’t a must for your page but they are a more recent design trend that’s worth considering. Try a few different sizes and see if it works with your scheme and overall design. Larger fonts can work, but you’ve got to make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of your page.

Keeping Text Trendy
If you’re mindful of these trends than the text on your page can and should follow suit. Remember that if there’s any doubt, a simpler more minimalist solution is the better option and is going to be an easier read for those on your site.

Web Design

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You can’t go wrong with keeping it simple.

Kelvin Jenkins is a professional blogger that shares his advice on online marketing and SEO. He writes for Reviews, a leading search engine optimization firm.