In today’s online world, everyday more than 100 million web pages are emerged, it sounds really cool for readers, but scary for the site owners. Today, obtaining consistent traffic and optimum sales figure is an imperative task. That’s why, SEO (search engine optimization) to target niche audience and increasing page-views are essential to stay ahead over the web. There are basically two ways to earn revenues on the Internet: “Advertisement” and “Selling” something.

One of the biggest challenges that website owners face these days, is to stay updated in the ocean of relevant consistent as well as latest information related to your business. Always focus on making an irresistible site, so that the reader feels guilty for “why not he bookmarks your page”. Let’s take a look at what you have missed on your website that can bespoke your site and your business as a brand name and what you need to do to improve your visibility over web.

Unique & Quality Content

Quality content is the most critical benchmark for a good website. We can say that content is a “King” of the website and it must be informative & educational to provide all the relevant information, which reader is looking for.

Let’s suppose, I am looking for information about drawing tutorials, then I want something eye-catching and interesting information. If I stumble upon “How to draw web theme” tutorial page, then I will expect that website is filled with more useful techniques and tutorials, which I want. If not, then I’ll simply leave that page without having a second thought.


In content management, prefer the shotgun approach rather than a sniper approach. Losing readers directly impacts on the optimum outcome of business as well as reputation. Unless having a huge team of writer, more useful is to have an expert, who offers quality content with originality.

Thanks to Google and its algorithms, readers always have choices to seek a lot of informative content. Thus, it is your duty to write proper content and provide all the essential information to your readers.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website comes at the 10th page of Google’s search results, then who will find your site, no one.


“Search Engine Optimization” is very demanding technology that can break the path of your website’s last page and help in making visibility high. It is the proven technology that interlinked with content and increase the number of audience through various links. SEO also helps in promoting products and services. Through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & more, millions of people are connected these days and SEO targets prospective audience through the keywords. You need to just ensure that your site has links with other sites, which is called “deep-links” or “backlinks”.      

Try to make friendship with blogging sites and post your guest blogs to enhance the online presence. Some other techniques like pay per click and paid advertisement can also help your organization to improve your website’s search ranking or traffic. And, Google picks up these things very fast, so implement them in your business to draw maximum ROI.


I have visited many sites and observe that few sites take more than 30 seconds to load. Unless waiting for some time, I leave right away such types of sites. That sounds harsh, but it is the fact.

Now, developers has been trained to have web pages, which load instantly. Check Google.com and see how pretty fast it loads, Google takes hardly 1.8 seconds. However, Google is the most visited website in the entire world, yet it’s speed is really fast than other sites. Therefore, focus on making your own website as much fast as possible.

speed It is an easy process, you need to just “compress” and “cache” your web content, which enables page to load quickly.

Navigations and Visual Appearance


Having ugly website is no excuse. There is no need to pay thousands of dollars, if you have technical skills. Download various easy to use free or premium templates and make your website’s look decent and professional. Keep in mind that the aim must be simple and straight to the point.

I hope, these tips will help you in building irresistible website design.

Author Bio:

Garry Smith is a professional website designer & blogger and associated with CSSChopper. He spent his most of the time in designing creative and innovative sites, additionally writing blogs related to web designing to provide easy and interactive tips.

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