Website development is the first step and is one part of the entire web site solutions. Every business requires a responsive and reactive support service after the website’s launch.


As a company, we provide our customers with comprehensive solutions to maintain and support the website. This is not done by individual website developers. Because of not-so-bug free web technology, problems keep arising after the launch of a website. Sometimes systems fail;  or there are times clients want to make certain changes to their websites because of ever evolving dynamics of web.

We provide you with prompt action and response as soon as the problem arises or you want to make certain changes to your website.

Apart from this, we also help with the ongoing maintenance of content on your website

What do we offer?

  • Addition of blog posts and news updates
  • Creation of HTML newsletters
  • Adding website content on a regular basis
  • Back up files creation to keep data safe
  • Running of updates to the Content Management System.
  • Management of email accounts
  • Addition of new features to the website over time

At the start of each month, we are happy to identify the best of strategies to update your website for best possible results.

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