There are so many reasons that websites made in wordpress are far much better than the traditional websites. You do not have the need to send anything to your designer like if you want to design casino blog in wordpress then you do the changes in basic text or add new pages yourself and by doing this it will save your costing of money. You can change or add the content by accessing the net anywhere in the world  and there is not any requirement for software or fixing firewall settings and can give schedule to those posts to publish on your site on whatever day and time you want.

You can add number of page template format so that the visitors do not get confused and your frequent contribution will attract google and other search engines robots like magnets. The robots will search your entire site every day looking for new pages and content and index your pages within a few times.

When you are adding new content frequently it will increases the repeated visitor’s numbers. When people like what you contribute to the website they want to know when you add. That’s where RSS feeds come into play along with automated notices by email that new posts have been made.

You can automatically integrate your blog posts with social media sites like Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn instead of going to each login and make a post that you’ve just added something new to your website. Some tips are provided for safe and secure sites in wordpress.

WordPress blog allows you to add new pages in a few seconds and that page can be set to appear in navigation on every other page on your entire web site in the click of a button. You have not to do afford to spend that much time to make that many additions of content pages in such a short amount of time with a traditional Website and for passive promotion there are plugins in WordPress.

If you make some posts and get no comments at all and then all of a sudden you post such a topic that brings lots of comments. This is a highly valuable opportunity that you normally do not see with a traditional website. Blog posts can be automatically converted to RSS feeds and syndicated to blog directories and other peoples’ websites.

Adding the RSS feed to MSN is the fastest way to have your site indexed and it is common for even new sites to appear in MSN within 24 hours using this method.

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